Mathijs Luijten



It’s a baffling world out there when it comes to health insurance. At Buck we were asked to add some clarity (and colour) to the topic with this spot for Bridgespan. Alongside Cole & Weber we were also cunning enough to squeeze in a few skateboards, two pigeons (or doves) and a ghetto blaster.

Role: Storyboards, Design, animation (00:00sec - 00:30sec), lead animator.

Ae file of this scene coming soon!

Here's a little breakdown of (as I called it) the 'flow sequence'

Directed by Buck
Creative Director: Gareth O'Brien
Executive Producer: Erica Ford
Producer: Emily Nelson
Production Coordinator: Bronte Jovevski
Art Director: Lucas Brooking
Design: Lara Lee, Lucas Brooking, Josh Edwards, Mathijs Luijten, Gareth O’Brien
Lead animator: Mathijs Luijten
Animation: Mathijs Luijten, Josh Edwards, Sam Scopelliti, Lucas Brooking, Lara Lee, Gareth O’Brien
Music & Sound Design: Antfood